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Social Recruiting

22 December

Fad, Fiction, Real or Imaginary. Is this good stuff or what?

social recruitingSocial recruiting is good stuff, but with a ways to go before becoming a main line tool for recruiters and equally as important candidates. The amount of information on a candidate or candidates is overwhelming for a recruiter to digest. In an era when client requirements are granular and most candidates social BIO’s/profiles are not, there is a disconnect. Through social media we review many candidate profiles, break them down into yes’s, possibles and maybe’s and then begin to dig deeper-all via eyeballs and phone calls. This is a slow and expensive and time consuming process in a time when speed is required to satisfy client requirements. So do we keep using this method to source candidates, YES. But, we need better tools in order to make this process more effective. We need, dare I say it: to apply Business Intelligence and Data Marts on the recruiter side of the table.

What of the candidate side of the table? Resumes must now be developed with the idea that the first pair of eyes on the candidates resume, will be from a technical set, with an algorithm for discerning what is important and what is not and that has been designed to narrowly uncover the candidates skills sets, successes and position requirements. If these do not jump out the technical eyes will glass over the resume and candidate.

We need to keep Social Recruiting in perspective and use it when it fits the requirements of the job search, but not become so enamored with it, that we use it exclusively and to the detriment of our clients, candidates and ourselves.  Keep at it technicians!!

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