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Corporate Bullying

12 March


Stop corporate bullying.

Read this and believe it should be mandatory reading by all size companies and individuals in those companies.  Several reasons for my comment:

1.   This stuff happens too many times and the companies who are guilty should be identified and candidates should be leery of working for them and employees should understand the ethics of their company.

2.   A Brand is a promise!  So what type of a promise can you expect from a bully?

3.   Somewhere in the USPTO there should be an advocate for all companies who feel their patents and trademarks are being abused.  We as a nation spend enough money on other things why not help small businesses and protect big business if they are in the right.

Written by BizCloud as Read on Linkedin – 2/5/2013

Small companies are continually referred to and known as innovation catalysts, especially in the technology space. The statement “small businesses are the backbone of the economy” is undoubtedly overused by politicians and media pundits, and yet it is small players who often deal with the testing and analysis of some of the largest of technical beta and integration issues whilst lacking any appropriate support or backing from the State which loudly promotes them as heroes of the domestic economy. Hence, it could be said that the very source of innovation & job creation is hindered by policy or lack of it.