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Want a Job, be Specific

03 December

Resumes – If you’re like me, You dont buy into the hype others are selling.


I want a jobAh NUTS! Another expert trying to address how to develop a solid resume. Yes, it is true, that is what I want to address, but not as an expert. Rather an Executive recruiter who presents candidates to clients for the clients consideration.

This article is not for my benefit, but yours. In your resumes keep the key word searches, action words, knowledge based sentence structures, list your objectives first, ya, ya, ya, ya.

All excellent suggestions from others and valid. But……..in addition to these proven resume enhancers….


The clients we are fortunate to work with all seek the same of their candidates. By position: they want to understand the candidates – Experiences that will compliment their organizations, they want to understand that the candidate is a Solid and Proven Performer within their products and service offerings and have been so over several years. If it is a sales position the clients want to understand what the candidate has sold, by product/service, to whom and the TCV – They require the same level of understanding for the other positions we work with clients to fill – Strategy, Delivery, Operations, Development………..


They are seeking those few professionals who are an inch wide and a mile deep within specific vertical markets. And, in our business verticals: candidates must be thoroughly versed in shoring, whether it be onshore, offshore, near shore….outsourcing. Oh and have a C-Level presence. Oh and have a contact list to choke a horse and…..

Everyone understands that experienced professionals should have multiple resumes due to the nature and complexity of their career experiences and the position they may be targeting and each resume must contain accomplishments. This is a given. But what is not:


– within the resume, indicate what specific issues were facing the clients and how the solution sold solved the issue. within a vertical. pick 2, pick 3, No Mega Picks – do not give away the store.

In order to demonstrate the ” Inch Wide and Mile Deep ” concept the candidate must demonstrate knowledge of the industry, client issues, solution offered, sold and delivered. I know these can be talking points – if you get that far. Because, if you do not demonstrate the inch wide and a mile deep concept, in your resume, others will and you will be left on the line, playing catch up. If you do not have the time to change your resume or choose not to do so – then when sending your resume, include in the e-mail the above information. Or else…your resume will go to the end of the line and the light at the end of the tunnel may not be the caboose, but rather the train heading towards you.


Clients want to make decisions on candidates. So make it easy for them to offer you the position. Differentiate yourself through KNOWLEDGE!!

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