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Don’t Try, Do It – Tips For Job Search Success

05 March
Job Performance

This A must read for all client facing professionals.  Remember the slogan “JUST DO IT”, “JUST TRY IT” never would have had the same impact. The point, do it, is positive, and try it is questionable.  Would you rather be positive or questionable? FORTUNE Magazine Judy H. — After fraud, theft, flood, and fire, the […]

Saving Steve Jobs’ Legacy from a Successories Future

31 March
steve-jobs pointing

  The Steve Jobs Legacy Syndrome Showing your best side in an interview situation is to be recommended but beware of trying to emulate others rather than showing what YOU are really about. After all a prospective employer is trying to make sure you are the best choice for his particular vacancy. Whilst anyone has […]

50+ Essential Resources for Jobseekers Today

09 September
social media resources

Employers have come to expect more and also have new approaches to help them check the suitability of a prospective candidate. However making an impression and getting noticed can often be difficult.

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