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Corporate Bullying

12 March

  Read this and believe it should be mandatory reading by all size companies and individuals in those companies.  Several reasons for my comment: 1.   This stuff happens too many times and the companies who are guilty should be identified and candidates should be leery of working for them and employees should understand the ethics […]

What Are You Worth To An Employer? Number Please!

24 January

Negotiating salary and total compensation is, for most of us, as difficult as getting past phone screens and interviews to the job offer. It can be tough to think of yourself in dollar terms. If you’re not prepared to negotiate, you’re sure to be unhappy with almost any offer. So don’t be caught flat-footed. Especially today – when companies may not have much flexibility with money – getting to the offer, and making sure it’s fair to all, is a necessary skill.

What Investigative Reporting Entails

07 April
Ian Hislop - Private Eye Magazine

What Investigative Reporting Entails

The field of investigative reporting involves bringing to the fore facts and figure that affect human interests and fair governance. This means conducting in depth research, looking at public records, doing extensive interviews, as well as checking and rechecking of facts before publication. Whethe

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