Surfs up, the course is green and lush, the intracoastal waterway is calm and the boat is ready to go and we’re working. What is wrong with this picture??

Actually, nothing.

The surf is usually up, golf courses are usually green and lush, the intracoastal waterway better be calm or there is a hurricane coming and we enjoy our work – but will get out of dodge when the “canes” are coming. There is a tremendous satisfaction in supporting good clients talent acquisition needs. The professionals we place with our clients, make a difference and do so quickly. There is tremendous satisfaction in helping a candidate advance their career by placing them with great clients.

It is said that if you play a round of golf with a person you will learn the character of the person. Being a golfer, I believe that to be very true. Golf is still the only game remaining, where players are expected to penalize themselves for rules infractions and the rules and decisions of golf are taken very seriously. If you play golf, you are expected to learn and understand the rules and apply them as required, or do not play.

The same is true in Executive Recruiting. If you are not serious about and understand your clients needs, do not play. If you cannot act as a Glass Conduit between your client and candidate, do not play.

We do not take ourselves seriously. But we do take our responsibilities to clients and candidates as serious as death. We hold ourselves to a high standard and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

This is who we are.

PS: Been at the beach surfing for 3 years and still fall off the board on a regular basis!